Darian, autobiographical novel – Roman Sakarski

Darian is a novel about one‘s road through life. A road that can be described with the word ‚freedom‘. This is a personal story in which the past is seen but its reflections are breathing in the present. The time in which one boy becomes a man. To get in love, to fall, but to rise again and to forget about the illusions. In this debut novel, the main character Darian leaves in two different eras: the communist-led Bulgaria, and after the fall of the Iron curtain and the democratic changes in its country. Darian seeks the truth during his path to happiness. Darian is an ordinary boy that starts from nothing and creates a successful business endeavor. The book covers his life from childhood to his philosophical reflections upon his retirement. – Georgi Toshev, journalist

Translator: David Mossop
Editor in Bulgarian: Vasil Koynarev
Designer: Viktoria Videvska

Book details: Bulgarian, first edition / Paperback / 14×21 cm /  504 pages / Language: English / Published: 2022 / ISBN 978-619-7313-60-4

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